Cynthia James


Cynthia has taken Bharatanatyam lessons at India School of Dance, Music and Theatre for 12 years, has been teaching at the India School of Dance, Music and Theatre Inc. for 6 years, including the 2019, 2020 Aradhana graduates.


Cynthia James

Cynthia James started dancing when she was six years old, and completed her Aradhana in 2016 under the guidance of Guru Shanta Ponnudurai. After graduating, she started teaching the senior students including the 2019, 2020 graduates and the current Aradhana students.

Over the years, Cynthia has been fostering her love for Bhartanatyam by performing at cultural events such as Folklorama and Asian Heritage Month, local shows and events, and India School’s showcase performances. She and her group earned gold 2 times at the Manitoba Provincial Dance Festival. She even had the opportunity to showcase Bhratanatyam on a global scale at a week long cultural event in Mexico.

Cynthia completed a Bsc. in Microbiology in 2020 and is currently pursuing her medical degree. She spends her summers working at a summer camp for kids with disabilities.

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