Our passionate and dedicated instructors are the heart and soul of our institution.

Pamela Rebello O.M.

Executive Director

Since arriving in Manitoba in 1968 from Mumbai, India, Pamela has had an ongoing influence and impact on the mainstream and ethnocultural arts at the municipal, provincial and national levels. She began with the Children's Dance Theatre in the 1970s, and over four decades later, Pamela continues to serve as the Executive Director at India School of Dance, Music and Theatre Inc.

Jaya Sabir


Born into a musically gifted family, it was natural for Jaya to be immersed into music and dance. With much dedication and hard work, Jaya has developed into an accomplished dancer and teacher over the past twenty years.

Shavira Narrandes


Shavira began taking Kathak lessons at the India School of Dance, Music & Theatre in 2004. After five years of training, she completed her Aradhana, or graduation, with five other dancers as India School’s and Manitoba’s first group to do so in the style of Kathak.

Tamarah Singh


Tamarah is a passionate and dedicated young woman in her studies and community commitments. Tamarah began her dancing journey at the age of 9 in the classical Indian dance art form, Kathak.

Brittany Young Tenn

Teacher (Part-Time)

Brittany enrolled with the India School of Dance, Music & Theatre in 2002. In 2009, she was one of the first six certified Kathak dancers to complete their Aradhana and graduate in Manitoba and has since been instructing both Kathak and Classical Bollywood with the India School.

Quiana Kumar

Teacher (Part-Time)

Quiana has been dancing since the age of 4 and joined the India school of Dance at the age of 9. Following years of rigorous training and studying of the Kathak dance form, Quiana completed her Aradhana in 2017.

Melanie William

Dance Teacher

Melanie William is a current Bharatanatyam teacher at the India School. She began her dance career at the India School in 2003 at the age of five. After thirteen years of training, she completed her Aradhana certification under the tutelage of Guru Shanta Ponnudurai in 2016.

Amjad Sabir

Music Teacher

Amjad Sabir is a versatile artist on Tabla, Harmonium, Sitar and Indian Banjo. Best known on the Winnipeg Scene as a vocalist.

Ishwar Sawh

Music Teacher

For the last three years, Ishwar has been the Music Teacher for Beginners and Intermediate students, before handing over the aspiring musicians to be mentored by the Guru.

Guru Shanta Ponnudurai

Visiting Instructor

Guru Shanta Ponnudurai is a world renowned Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and teacher. She holds a first class diploma from the prestigious Temple of Fine Arts Kalakshetra and had the rare privilege of being under the guidance of its founder, Smt.Rukmini Devi Arundale.

Poorany William

Dance Representative

Poorany arrived in Canada in 1996 and began teaching and preforming at the Centre for Preforming Arts in Toronto. She moved to Manitoba in 1998, and has been on the Faculty, fulfilling several roles from Stage Management to Overall Supervision.

Charanpreet Kaur


Charanpreet has been a part of the India school of dance since 2005. In 2016 she completed her Aradhana and began teaching Bharatanatyam

Cynthia James


Cynthia has been teaching at the India School of Dance, Music and Theatre Inc. for the past four years, including 2019 Aradhana graduates.

Talia Mohammed

Teacher (Part-Time)

Talia has been with the India School of Dance, Music & Theatre for many years. Upon completion of her Aradhana in 2017, she began teaching and assisting with Kathak classes. She currently studies at the University of Manitoba.

Mrs. Pooja Kulkarni

Visiting Instructor

Pooja pursued her passion towards classical dance and began Kathak training at age of 12 under the guidance of Guru Smt Shilpa Kantak. Pooja has trained in both Jaipur and Lucknow gharana.

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