Menaka Thakkar (1942 - 2022)

Pamela Rebello O.M.

India School of Dance, Music & Theatre Inc. was fortunate to have an accomplished artist and teacher as one of the first Gurus of the Institute in its early years of formation till the late eighties. Menaka and her brother Rasesh Thakkar were responsible for introducing the classical arts of India, all over Canada.

As a teacher, Menaka was conscious of the need to modify teaching methodology in North America. She kept close to source with her innovative programs. She was charismatic and her performances brought out the sparkle, audience expect of great performers. She set the pace for a genuine interest and awakening for Bharatnatyam as a classical dance and folk dances of India.

Menaka Thakkar was helpful in laying a solid foundation for learning dance at the India School, as a Visiting Instructor for over ten years, and will be lovingly remembered for her grace, gait and grit that she instilled in the first graduates, that remains today as part of the continuing cultural upbringing and traditions at the India School.

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April 22, 2023

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